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The sky's the limit!

When I tell you that the sky’s the limit at Artworks I’m not kidding. We will literally frame anything and everything ... even cow pies in the shape of West Virginia! I know you just went back to reread that sentence lol. Our customer lives on a farm, of course. When her son ventured out to the barn and found this masterpiece attached along the wall, he ran back to the house so he could show her. His mom, being the ultimate supportive mother, gently peeled the manure onto a piece of cardboard and rushed it to Artworks. We dried it out, applied a sealant to keep it intact and attached it to burlap matboard. Web considered a brass plate that said EAT S*#T PITT being that my customer was an avid Mountaineer fan ( and they hate Pitt) but decided to keep it clean ...haha. For creative custom framing come to Artworks in Bridgeport.