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It is special, the love between a mother and her daughter.

It is special, the love between a mother and her daughter, and is one that will never fade away, let alone die. But there comes a moment in every mother’s life when she feels helpless beyond limits but happy at the same time as her daughter is going to enter a new phase of life. Yes, that moment when her daughter is about to get married!

A mother wants to give her daughter something special - not expensive but memorable and personal. This mother-of-the-bride had a fantastic idea. She gave us the lace from her own wedding dress and wrote a story for her daughter. The whole project came together when we embellished the mat with the lace and added a traditional silver frame. All the components came together for a flawless wedding gift.

When  you need the perfect present, think about custom framing at Artworks in Bridgeport, WV.