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Gurgle Pots- Fish Shaped Water Pitchers

Gurgle Pots- Fish Shaped Water Pitchers

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Gurgle Pots - Fish Shaped Water Pitchers: Many years ago, Matt Ellison attended his brother’s wedding in France. All the guests were matched with French hosts, and his did not speak English, and he did not speak French. There were hours of awkward silence during their 3-4-hour dining experience. However, there was one saving grace, a fish shaped water pitcher that “gurgled” while pouring water. Mr. Ellison found himself drinking more water than wine as the water pitcher made everyone smile and would break up the awkwardness that came with the language barrier. "

"We found that for those that enjoy giving unique gifts these adorable Gurgle Pots make a great way to give flowers to your loved ones, and they can continue to use the Gurgle Pot for years to come…remembering you with every pour." We have many other gifts not listed here. Like us on Facebook and Instagram to see all our wide selection of gifts.

 Artworks always has a rotating inventory of these fun items. Just call Artworks at 304-842-7626. We can send you photo of our current selections. Pick the ones you like, and we will gift wrap them and ship them to any address you desire. Concierge service just for you!

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