Ready to get married already?

Ready to get married already?

The pandemic had countless happy couples delaying their weddings even after the save the date and invitations were sent out and received. Oh my gosh!! Now what???

The no-refund deposit had been given to the venue and the wedding planner as well. Just the thought of changing the date must have been exhausting and horrifying - not to mention expensive. You want to get married and have the "Big Day" event that you've always dreamed of but what happens if, because of Covid, it gets postponed again?!?

This is the point where the rubber meets the road, as they say. You just have to take the leap of faith. Maybe instead of delaying a couple of months, how about changing the date to the following year? Makes way more sense. Maybe reduce the guest list this time. NO that won't work because I already invited them the first time! Well, you only get married once, hopefully, so just go for it. It's only money as someone with a lot of money once said.

This was the scenario that this couple and 2.5 million other couples in this country encountered in 2020. Just make the best of a bad situation and instead of framing the wedding day invitation - frame them all!! You can look back and chuckle, or not, one day as you reminisce with your children and grandchildren about the traumas and triumphs of 2020.

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