Artworks vs. DIY

Custom framing at Artworks not only provides high-quality, archival-grade materials but also creative guidance. Artworks is unique in that our art-educated staff provides you with more than professional framing but also color and design direction. That makes us exceptional in the industry, and certainly an improvement over a DIY project. Ready-made frames are mass produced; thus, their quality and craftsmanship may be less than desirable and sizes available may be inadequate.

Aside from aesthetic and conservation concerns, the other consideration that comes up when considering a custom frame versus a ready-made frame is cost. Artworks can accommodate any budget! You put your money where your heart is. It’s simple, we invest in things that are important to us. If you like it enough to frame it, then it must be important to you. Every project is a priority- none too big or too small or too complicated. Artworks offers you more than framing, we offer an experience. Welcome to Artworks!


  • Components professionally hand-selected
  • Precise measurements and archival mounting
  • Preservation and protection from moisture, light, and other harmful elements
  • Handcrafted - cut, joined, and finished by skilled framers and artists
  • Appropriate hanging hardware


  • Always acid-free
  • Selections - paper, linen, suede, silk, burlap, metallic, and textured
  • Multiple layers and openings
  • Decorative designs and shapes
  • Personalized text and cut-outs


  • Conservation Clear glass
  • Museum-grade glass
  • Conservation Acrylic
  • 99% UV light protection
  • Amazing clarity
  • Anti-reflective


  • Quality wood and metal frames
  • Unlimited choices
  • Styles - vintage, industrial, rustic, contemporary, traditional, farmhouse, ornate, and floating
  • Variety of sizes, colors, and depths

Specialty Framing

  • Shadow boxes - military medals, sports jerseys, uniforms, family heirlooms, and collages
  • Needlework
  • Diamond art
  • Canvas stretching
  • Painting restoration