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Tangerine Daisy Bowl 

Clear Daisy Bowl

Turquoise Daisy Bowl

Small Ice Blue Water Bottle 

Small Clear Water Bottle

Small Malachite Water Bottle

Small Purple Water Bottle

Small Tangerine Water Bottle

Small Topaz Water Bottle

Small Turquoise Water Bottle

Small Cobalt Water Bottle

Large Clear Water Bottle

Large Cobalt Water Bottle

Large Malachite Water Bottle

Large Ruby Water Bottle

Large Turquoise Water Bottle

Large Purple Water Bottle

Large Ice Blue Water Bottle

Meet Our Owner

Lotus MacDowell

Lotus Averil MacDowell, known for her meticulous depictions of objects and scenery is the owner of Artworks. She has been painting professionally since 1972.

Lotus' medium is primarily watercolor, using a controlled approach to create accuracy in both rendering and color. Her subjects reflect her interests in travel, architecture amd the study of light and shadow.

Lotus recieved her BFA from West Virginia University. Her works are in private and corporate collections throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia.