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Art Talks with Lotus

  • Ready to get married already?

    The pandemic had countless happy couples delaying their weddings even after the save the date and invitations were sent out and received. Oh my gosh!! Now what???
  • A Spartan Finish

    Think of Spartans and you might think of the epic historical movie, 300. But when we think of Spartans, we think of Spartan Race. That's thanks to a recent customer of ours who completed this arduous race as a Super Finisher. She wanted her medallion, photo and race number custom-framed. As one of the most difficult endurance races around, she was rightly proud of her achievement and we were only too happy to help memorialise it. After all, as the people behind Spartan Race say, it is "more than a race".
  • Custom Framing

    Focus on those little moments in life that we wish could last forever. It’s not just the big events but the tiny little moments in between, like when you spent a fantastic day with people you love and cherish the most. 
  • How do you frame an original watercolor of a local Bridgeport restaurant?

    We could have dropped on a nice elegant hardwood but that would not have reflected the style of this casual eatery. The cozy atmosphere and relaxed bar deserved just the perfect look. 
  • Weddings are unique.

    They exemplify the taste and style of the bride and groom. It’s the first attempt in terms of compromise that a married couple makes. Meshing their personalities for the ultimate goal - producing a beautiful event. 
  • A skirt for you and Barbie!

    When your mom makes you a skirt and has enough fabric left over to make Barbie an outfit too- well, that's the BEST.
  • How do we commemorate our loved one?

    Give them the respect they deserve by custom framing them into a shadow box. 
  • Some framing orders just touch your heart.

    The daughter of this beautiful soul pictured in the shadow box frame came into our shop carrying her mom’s handiwork.
  • I’ll bet you remember it like it was yesterday.

    I promise to do my best, to love God and my country, to help others every day- especially those at home. I’ll bet you remember it like it was yesterday. The pledge is forever imbedded in your memory.
  • Catholics baptize newborns as early as two months old.

    Baptism is an important sacrament and is usually celebrated with family and friends. It’s a day to remember as all days are involving sacraments in the Catholic religion.
  • What do a couple of engineers have in common?

    I feel like I’m suppose to give you a punchline now - haha. Actually Thrasher is no joke and these two men pictured are father and son.
  • Cam Newton played for the Carolina Panthers.

    Cam Newton played for the Carolina Panthers. He personally signed this jersey which is a huge deal when you’re an avid Panthers fan. It’s this customer’s prize possession.