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Afternoon at Thorn Creek, Franklin, WV- Limited Edition Print

Afternoon at Thorn Creek, Franklin, WV- Limited Edition Print

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Afternoon at Thorn Creek, Franklin, WV- Limited Edition Print by Lotus MacDowell, Artworks WV: Here's a great outdoor subject: fly fishing in a stream in Franklin, WV. Every outdoor enthusiast will be hinting that they want this for their home or office. Introducing the Limited-Edition Print version of this powerful watercolor painting titled "Afternoon at Thorn Creek" by Lotus MacDowell. The sun beats down on this pristine stream, as a fly fisherman casts his line, waiting for some trout. From the reflections in the water to the rocks in the foreground, this painting has all the qualities of a good fish story. No hurry, and no worries, as he waits for a bite on his line. He's in his element.

This image combines the best of the art of fly fishing with a beautiful landscape filled with varying shades of greens, blues and browns. The figure is an actual person- Lotus never adds anything to her images that is not there. Her skill is in painting "the beauty of the ordinary", and she therefore includes the imperfect, which is what makes her work so believable. Make one of these prints a part of your personal art collection today.

Framing ideas:
. This limited edition print looks wonderful with a neutral top mat and a dark green liner mat - then finished off with a dark wood or rustic textured wood frame to accent the subject matter. We also can display a fishing fly in a separate window for added effect. This image is a perfect choice for the nature lover in your world and presents itself well hanging in a Family Room, Man Cave, or as a focal point in an apartment or condo. Instead of having to find a reputable framer, call us at 304-842-7626. We will send you photos of mat and frame combinations. Choose the one you like, and we will frame and ship it wherever you desire. So easy!!

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