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Arthurdale, Preston Co., WV - Limited Edition Print

Arthurdale, Preston Co., WV - Limited Edition Print

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Arthurdale, Preston Co., WV - Limited Edition Print, original by Lotus MacDowell, Artworks WV: Talk about a fairy-tale setting! Introducing the painting titled “Arthurdale” by award winning artist Lotus MacDowell, which has been made into a limited-edition print for your viewing pleasure. This winter scene features a round cut stone building in soft browns and grays, with snow drifts around it. There is a small window and a door, which beckons the viewer to come inside. This is surrounded by a wooded area, with a misty swirl of purple fog and blowing snowflakes, creating a wonderful, mysterious setting.

Lotus says that this building was built during the Roosevelt Era, as part of the WPA projects. All the older buildings in this area were constructed using this type of local stone. She says that she thinks there could be a great story written about this unusual site. What a great conversation piece for any home or office. It's a perfect fit with today's new neutral color schemes. Add an air of sophistication to your surroundings with art that sets itself apart from all the others.

Framing ideas:
This limited edition print has so much beauty when it is framed in soft gray or muted brown frames. The matboard surrounding the image is particularly stunning when it is kept with very soft colors to compliment the winter image. We like to use a suede top mat and a muted purple or charcoal gray liner is very compelling.

Artworks can also frame the prints you choose- we have over 100 collective years' experience and know what's trending in the art of presentation. You just choose the prints you want, then call us at 304-842-7626 and we will work with you to pick that perfect combination. We can send you pictures of the choices, then complete the entire process for you. Only one stop to do it all- so much easier!

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