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Breaking the Night - Original Acrylic Painting on Canvas

Breaking the Night - Original Acrylic Painting on Canvas

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Breaking the Night - Original Acrylic Painting on Canvas by Lotus MacDowell, Artworks WV: This acrylic on canvas represents the pressure between dark and light. The black area  is like an immense hole, and even a part of it can be seen on the left. There are some details in that area, but they have been swallowed up. The three sections of color slice through the black and infuse the area with brightness and movement- created by the brushstrokes and metallic paint. The thin white lines add a sliver of pure clarity that makes the colors pop. This is how Lotus explains it, but hey- you can interpret it any way you'd like.  Artist  Lotus MacDowell says that the abstract pieces she creates are much more difficult to execute than realism because she cannot depend on recognizable images to draw the viewer in. It's a small piece but really packs a punch.

This lovely little piec by Lotus MacDowell is acrylic on canvas.

This original acrylic on canvas has been framed as "floating" over the matboard to give it a 3 dimensional look. The backing is a black raw linen, with black spacers and finished off with a copper metallic distressed wood frame. This conservation framing includes Museum glass, which helps protect against harmful UV rays and eliminates distracting reflections, giving it an outstanding presentation., no matter what angle you view it from.


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