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Brian VanNostrand - Hand Made Pottery

Brian VanNostrand - Hand Made Pottery

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"Self-taught potter and lover of philosophy Brian VanNostrand lives a life of simplicity and independence in Hacker Valley,West Virginia." Available at Artworks WV.

"Each ceramic design by Brian VanNostrand is an original signed by the artist. The pieces are made from blends of many different clays and minerals; some mined in the vicinity of his West Virginia home. The basic shapes are produced on the potter’s wheel. The glazes and surface finishes are original formulae developed by Mr. VanNostrand."

"The pieces are exposed directly to the flame of the wood in the kiln. The flame and airborne wood ash interact in spectacular fashion with the colors and glazes applied by the artist before firing. The finished forms, still hot, visually “burn” with an inner life and intensity."

 Love Brian's work? Just call us at Artworks, 304-842-7626. We will send you photos of our current pieces, all of which are unique, and you can choose your favorite ones. Then we will gift wrap them and ship them wherever you'd like. How's that for true concierge service?!!

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