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County Line- Brown, WV- Limited Edition Print

County Line- Brown, WV- Limited Edition Print

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County Line- Brown, WV- Limited Edition Print: Introducing the limited-edition print version of "County Line", from an original watercolor painting by Lotus MacDowell and inspired by her love of the rural countryside. West Virginia is a state with rolling hills, white farmhouses dotting the countryside, and small streams everywhere. This could be anywhere, however, and is reminiscent of days gone by. The whitewashed farmhouse is nestled between hills of green and surrounded by soft yellows and greens in the lawn. A small stream meanders close by and long grass blows in the foreground. Just about a perfect scene. It even has a red outbuilding. This country landscape is sure to be a pleaser to young and old alike.

Now your home or office can showcase this rustic print, which can be a gorgeous focal point by itself, or displayed in a grouping. Art can make you happy and this image certainly brings a smile to your face. Be the first of your friends to own this lovely piece of nostalgia.

Framing ideas:
This limited edition print looks wonderful in so many different types of frames - it can be a subtle brown or textured frame or a more traditional refined frame. A top mat of linen and an underneath liner mat in a shade of green elevates the piece to a very polished attractive finish.

At Artworks, we have been framing Lotus' works for 35 years.  We know a thing or two about the appropriate presentation of her work. It makes it so convenient to have your print framed in the same place as you purchase it. One stop shopping. We also use conservation techniques to protect your art from everything the environment can throw at it. 

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