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Divine Pizza, Sirianni's- Canaan Valley, WV - Limited Edition Giclée Print

Divine Pizza, Sirianni's- Canaan Valley, WV - Limited Edition Giclée Print

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Divine Pizza, Sirianni's- Canaan Valley, WV - Limited Edition Giclée Print, original watercolor by Lotus MacDowell, Artworks WV.

Do you love pizza and funky little restaurants? Well then, this is the place for you! A hidden gem in the mountains of Canaan Valley, WV, this original watercolor painting called "Divine Pizza- Sirianni's" was created by artist Lotus MacDowell because she loved the door. The door, you say?? Yes, the door. The building is roughhewn wood, but the screen door has been cut out with a jigsaw and then painted to create this unusual design incorporating Cupid’s angels holding pizzas and so much more!

A close-up of the restaurant door reveals a profusion of yellows, pinks, blues and more, anchored around the perimeter with a lively grass green. The bench in the background lets you know that you are expected to stick around and help watch the world go by. The stunning reflection in the window adds the dimension of the other side of the street, with antique flower boxes that are quirky and festive to add to the scene!

Framing ideas:
There are so many different possibilities when it comes to framing this image! A soft green linen mat that matches the door is a perfect color to make a statement piece with this Limited Edition Giclée print. Add a liner matboard of a different shade from the image and a rustic frame and you have the perfect look.

 Dreading the thought of taking your print to a custom framing shop? Artworks can frame your print for you. We've been selling Lotus' prints for 35 years, and we know how she likes them presented. Just call us at 304-842-7626. We will talk with you and send you photos of mat and frame combinations. Choose the one that reflects YOU the best, then we will frame and ship it right to you. Make things easy on yourself, knowing also that It's properly protected with conservation quality framing.

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