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Early Morning: Florence, Italy - Limited Edition Print

Early Morning: Florence, Italy - Limited Edition Print

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Early Morning: Florence, Italy - Limited Edition Print, original watercolor by Lotus MacDowell, Artworks WV.

This is a view that Lotus woke up seeing from her hotel window in Florence, Italy. She liked the stone church tower in the middle, and the way the light and shadows played against each other. The day seems overcast/partly cloudy yet there seems to be a little brightness in the foreground, by the umbrella. See how the shadows on the right darken the area under the tile roof? The atmospheric light around it bounces off it and keeps it from being totally in the dark. Now squint your eyes, and the shadow turns completely dark. This scene is the essence of all things Italian, so take a piece of this great country and make it a part of your collection today!

Framing ideas:
Kick it up a notch with a triple mat combination with linen mats and a metallic liner mat. Top this limited edition print off with either a very ornate frame or an distressed frame that looks like the buildings and you have the perfect look to make a statement piece for your home.

Whatever your taste in framing is, Artworks can do that for you. No more fretting about finding a reputable custom framer! Just call us at 304-842-7626.  We will send you photos of mat and frame combinations. Pick the one that reflects YOUR taste and we will frame it and ship it right to you. That's the way to streamline the process. So call us today!

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