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Farmhouse: Tonglii, China - Original Watercolor Painting

Farmhouse: Tonglii, China - Original Watercolor Painting

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Farmhouse: Tonglii, China - Original Watercolor Painting: This fresh and spontaneous looking watercolor by Lotus MacDowell, Artworks WV, pictures a barn and gardens in rural China. At first glance it looks like it could be anywhere in Europe, except for the detail on the black roof. Lotus has put in just enough detail to give us all the information we need; the worn facades of the building and the placement of all the barns to indicate a road on the other side of the farmhouse. A profusion of color and texture in the foreground depicts vegetable gardens, but her loose approach draws your eye to the farmhouse in the background.

This watercolor painting is on D'Arches cold press paper.

This piece of artwork is perfect for a bedroom wall or as an accent piece with a furniture arrangement.

This original watercolor painting is conservation framed with a triple mat; top and bottom are a soft tan "rice paper" mat with a charcoal middle mat. The frame is a burnished gold with dark brown accents, and has Museum glass to eliminate annoying glare and reflections. All framing is conservation grade materials, to help you protect your art from anything the environment can throw at it!


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