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Fellowsville Auto Sales- Limited Edition Print

Fellowsville Auto Sales- Limited Edition Print

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Fellowsville Auto Sales- Limited Edition Print: This limited-edition version of the watercolor painting titled "Fellowsville Auto Sales" is a storefront in winter with a sign from years gone by. This painting by Lotus MacDowell, Artworks WV, captures this charming old storefront, located in Preston County, WV, with its aged signage and sets the mood by placing it in the dead of winter. The cool blues and grays lend a great contrast to the red sign.

This winter scene shows a typical old type of car dealership in rural America, most of which are out of business. On the other side of the building is a sign that says "No hard luck stories". When these places are really run down, Lotus puts them in a snow scene to evoke a certain charm, because all the debris is covered.

Framing Ideas-

This limited edition print has wonderful grays and blues in it, so choosing a cool gray mat and a soft dark brown liner mat really accentuate that. Finish it off with a Rustic brown or gray frame and you have the perfect combination. This winter scene is ideal for an apartment, family room or hallway, but is versatile enough to fit well in an office.

Make sure you secure your print today, and remember, Artworks can frame it for you! Just call us at 304-842-7626. We will send you photos of mat and frame combinations, then take your favorite, then frame and ship it to you! Skip the hassle of finding a reputable framer. We've been framing Lotus' original and prints for 35 years, so we know what looks wonderful on her works. Give us a call today!

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