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Flower Vendor: Tonglii, China- Limited Edition Giclee Print

Flower Vendor: Tonglii, China- Limited Edition Giclee Print

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Flower Vendor: Tonglii, China- Limited Edition Giclee Print.

Flowers, anyone? This charming image is created from a full color watercolor painting by Lotus MacDowell, inspired by her travels to China. The title, "Flower Vendor- Tonglii, China", beautifully depicts a woman in the streets with a huge basket on her back filled with flowers, selling to passersby. The flowers are bursting with color- pinks, oranges and yellows, accented by the greens and cream colors of the basket. The rest of the image is in subdued blues and greys, which gives a stark contrast to the bright blooms. Trucks and bicycles whizzing by, while she is stopped in a moment of time.

Framing Ideas-

This sweet little Limited Edition Giclee Print  looks wonderful with a light gray linen mat and a liner mat with a dark blue or gray. A dark subdued wood frame in browns or charcoal tones will enhance what is already a spectacular piece. This can be a real show stopper in your home or office, lending an air of sophistication and a feeling of world travels to your surroundings.

Artworks can also provide the perfect framing combination for you to create your spectacular final product. We've been framing Lotus' prints and originals for 35 years, and use only conservation grade materials. Take the hassle out of framing your art and call us at 304-842-7626. You'll be glad you did!


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