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Flower Vendor: Tonglii, China- Original Watercolor Painting

Flower Vendor: Tonglii, China- Original Watercolor Painting

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Flower Vendor:  Tonglii, China- Original Watercolor Painting by Lotus MacDowell, Artworks WV.

Flowers, anyone? This charming image is a full color watercolor painting by Lotus MacDowell, inspired by her travels to China. The title, "Flower Vendor- Tonglii, China", beautifully depicts a woman in the streets with a huge basket on her back filled with flowers, selling to passersby. The flowers are bursting with color- pinks, oranges and yellows, accented by the greens and cream colors of the basket. The rest of the image is in subdued blues and greys, which gives a stark contrast to the bright blooms. Trucks and bicycles whizzing by, while she is stopped in a moment of time.

This is definitely a painting that should be appreciated up close. It can be displayed prominently in a kitchen, home office, bedroom, library, hallway or, our favorite place, by the light switch at the top or the bottom of the stairs. There is something about this scene that will draw you to it, again and again.

This is such a simple but powerful subject and the framing certainly enhances that presentation. This watercolor painting by Lotus MacDowell is on D'Arches cold press paper, with a light gray linen top mat and just a hint of color in the liner underneath to anchor the mats against the image. The frame is a beautiful dark walnut color with a subtle basketweave pattern that draws attention to the detail in the painting. This conservation framing includes Museum glass, which protects against harmful UV rays and minimizes distracting reflections in the glass, to provide an exceptional final product.


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