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Fruit Market: Florence Italy- Limited Edition Print

Fruit Market: Florence Italy- Limited Edition Print

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Fruit Market: Florence Italy- Limited Edition Print.

Ahh...the romance of Italy comes alive in "Fruit Market- Florence"; from the beautifully detailed original watercolor painting by Lotus MacDowell. The vibrant colors of the fruits, the awnings shading the windows, and the tremendous contrasts of light and shadow all pull together to make this Italian street scene a complete story in one image. Capturing the early morning light, Lotus adds one lone figure to create the human element, and lets the patterns of the fruits and vegetables create a symphony of color that invites the viewer to become visually and emotionally  involved .

Now you can have your own Fruit Stand (no maintenance required), because this is available as a Limited Edition Print. These cheerful colors will enhance any room, and give your space that European flair. Great gift idea, too.

Framing Ideas-

The sky is the limit in framing options for this Limited Edition Print! It can have a neutral color mat like the building walls or stonework and the liner mat can bring out a small splash of an accent color to add visual appeal. The frame moulding can be very ornate, like an Italian antique gold, or a more traditional or contemporary frame in browns.

Artworks can create the perfect combination for you as well. We can help you choose some options, then send you pictures of the possibilities. So easy, and the artist is there to make sure the combination is cohesive with the image. Perfect! Just call us at 304-842-7626 and let's get started!

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