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Jesus Saves-Clarksburg, WV- Limited Edition Giclee Print

Jesus Saves-Clarksburg, WV- Limited Edition Giclee Print

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Jesus Saves-Clarksburg, WV- Limited Edition Giclee Print, original watercolor painting by Lotus MacDowell, Artworks WV.

This street scene is in the Glen Elk section of Clarksburg, WV: the warehouse area where people caught the train to go to DC and New York; at the end of the street is one of the train cars. The buildings on the left house the Clarksburg Mission where, over the years, hundreds of people have found shelter, meals, and kind words with supportive encouragement from its employees and volunteers. Over 48,000 meals are served a year, and 38,000 stays are typical of the immense work the Mission does for those less fortunate. This is such a typical scene of an old warehouse district, where in the past, it was filled with chaos and activity, now it is quiet and slow paced. The blazing sun hits the buildings and gives them a cheerful, happy appearance, and invite the viewer to look and appreciate the architecture and personality of a bygone era.

Framing Ideas-

There are many ways this Limited Edition Giclee Print can be framed. It's not a huge piece so it can look good in a grouping with other images, or as part of a seating area-like a chair, small side table, lamp and this print. We like using neutral gray mats, like the shadow color of the street and a simple charcoal toned wood frame. This print is the kind that will draw the viewer to it, and to be able to see it up close makes it even more special.

Artworks can do this framing for you as well. Just call our shop at 304-842-7626 and we will walk you through the process and choose the perfect combination that reflects you!

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