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Kingwood Elementary, Preston Co., WV- Limited Edition Print

Kingwood Elementary, Preston Co., WV- Limited Edition Print

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Kingwood Elementary, Preston Co., WV- Limited Edition Print, original watercolor painting by Lotus MacDowell, Artworks WV.

History and Architecture - now there's a match made in heaven. We have both, in this watercolor painting titled “Kingwood Elementary", but the name hides the true identity of this building. This architectural study of a civil war era building in Preston County, WV was used as a hospital during that war and later became a school. Strong, bold light and shadow give this building a dominating presence, complimented by the oranges and reds in the bricks and contrasted with the blacks in the empty windows.

Every history buff is intrigued with this kind of art. This is offered as a Limited-Edition Print and will bring the past alive for you and your loved ones. Great gift for those hard-to-buy-for people.

Framing Ideas-

What's the best way to showcase this beautiful Limited Edition Print? At Artworks, we have framed it many ways, but using a neutral genuine linen textured mat on top, followed by a liner mat of a deeper gray (like the shadows) or a brick color (to emphasize the building) looks very polished and compliments the print well. Finish it off with a cherry or charcoal toned frame and you've got a real focal point for any room or office. We also recommend Museum glass, which minimizes annoying reflections and glare on the artwork.

Artworks can frame your print for you. Why spend time and hassle trying to find a reputable framer? Just call us at 304-842-7626. We will talk to you about your tastes, send you photos of mat/framing combinations, then frame it and and ship your beautiful final product right to you. Concierge service at its best!

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