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Main Street: Bridgeport, WV- Limited Edition Giclee Print

Main Street: Bridgeport, WV- Limited Edition Giclee Print

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Main Street:  Bridgeport, WV- Limited Edition Giclee Print. The small-town life you see here in this classic depiction of a street scene in Rural America is originally painted in watercolor by Lotus MacDowell Artworks WV. Now this image is available as a Limited Edition Giclee Print titled "Main Street, Bridgeport".  Old architecture gives the area character, with sunlight spilling across the road to the local coffee shop...all the ingredients for a nice, lazy day.

The image shows us a bend in the road, where several businesses converge: a warm stone building with deep shadows and a tower partially hiding an old red brick structure. They cast shadows across the road as if pointing to the coffee shop and gift store across the street, which are bathed in sunshine. The road curves into the background, where we see a gray, rundown store to finish up the gap between both sides. Bluebird skies with soft clouds make it seem warm and inviting. The entire area is framed in lush green foliage.

Framing Ideas-

This is a great Limited Edition Giclee Print, because its panoramic shape makes it the perfect piece for hard-to-decorate areas. It looks wonderful above a hallway table or on a wall in a dining room. It's also great in a grouping, because it adds a unique panoramic shape to the arrangement.  Simple, neutral mats, like a soft khaki/ tan color and a liner mat of a charcoal or brick color will really enhance the image beautifully. Then put it in a classic moulding of brown, cherry or charcoal to encase it appropriately for a flawless, polished final product.

Artworks can do all this for you- no fretting about going to a frame shop and picking out something yourself.  Just call us at 304-842-7626.  Easy Peasey!

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