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Manuel's Pumpkins-Preston Co., WV- Limited Edition Print

Manuel's Pumpkins-Preston Co., WV- Limited Edition Print

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Manuel's Pumpkins-Preston Co., WV- Limited Edition Print. Pumpkins, pumpkins, and more this charming original watercolor painting titled “Manuel's Pumpkins” by artist Lotus MacDowell, Artworks WV, as a tribute to a young boy she knew. His name was Manuel; he and his brother grew thousands of these to make money. They would be lined up in rows, as far as the eye could see.

Here Lotus has closed in on just a few blazing orange pumpkins, all pushed together on the dark green overgrown grass, with their dry gray stems casting purple shadows on the skins. She has used what is referred to as a limited palette of colors: orange, green and violet and has created all the shades using those alone. What has evolved is a strong, well thought out composition where the subject looks natural, not staged, and is enhanced by this controlled use of color.

Framing Ideas-

When it comes to framing a subject like these Limited Edition Prints of pumpkins, sometimes less is more. A deep green linen mat with a liner of a metallic  copper really creates a classy look. Or you can choose a soft creamy yellow/beige and use a purple liner mat to bring out the shadows.

A rustic frame or a gold gilt frame- Artworks has framed this several ways, and each has its own distinctive look. This is a great kitchen or family room piece and the perfect way to bring Nature indoors year round! Why not let us frame yours as well? Just call 304-842-7626 and we'll get you squared away! We've been framing Lotus' works for 35 years and know the perfect combinations to create a spectacular finished product!

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