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Mission Bench-Napa Valley, CA- Limited Edition Giclee Print

Mission Bench-Napa Valley, CA- Limited Edition Giclee Print

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Mission Bench-Napa Valley, CA- Limited Edition Giclee Print. Introducing a stunning new original watercolor and graphite image of an old carved bench in late afternoon sunlight titled “Mission Bench" by Lotus MacDowell, Artworks. This piece of art, inspired by a vineyard entrance in Napa Valley, CA, was created with a limited palette of colors. Colors that are bold yet subtle at the same time and sure to please even the most discriminating art lover. The shadows give the painting a 3-dimensional effect as they highlight the texture on the wall.

Lotus used smooth watercolor paper, which allowed her to create the light pencil and brushwork in the background. The subject is simple, she said, but the light and shadows give it a dimension that is captivating.

Now you can muse about who sat there and what was said between people at that very spot, year after year, with your very own Limited Edition Giclee Print.

Framing Ideas-

Subtle is the operative word here when it comes to framing choices. Soft grays and buffs would look beautiful, or perhaps a top mat of genuine linen and a second liner mat of charcoal gray will bring that WOW factor to this Limited Edition Giclee Print. Then finish it off with a rustic deep brown frame with a little detail in it to enhance the pattern in the bench.  We also suggest Museum glass to protect your piece from annoying glares and harmful UV rays.  This would look wonderful in a small hallway area, a powder room, or in a grouping with a chair, accent table and a lamp.

Artworks can do all the framing for you as well. We will talk with you to get an understanding of your personal style, send you pictures of some mat and frame combinations, and then create the final product and ship it right to you! So easy! And we have been doing this for 35 years, so we really know the business and its trends well.

If you want to see an example, look at the image of the original watercolor of the Mission Bench.

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