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Purple Fiddle-Canaan Valley, WV-Limited Edition Giclee Print

Purple Fiddle-Canaan Valley, WV-Limited Edition Giclee Print

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Purple Fiddle-Canaan Valley, WV-Limited Edition Giclee Print, original watercolor by Lotus MacDowell, Artworks WV.

The Purple Fiddle is a cool, funky place where live music is played along with great food and a whole different audience than you would ordinarily find in one place. This Limited Edition Giclee Print was made from a full color watercolor painting by Lotus MacDowell. There is purple splashed everywhere which adds to this extravagant, unique place. The black bears were carved from huge trees in the Pacific Northwest  area, then brought to this place. Even the bears enjoy a mug of something delicious! And who on earth has the name of their establishment on a canoe??? Yep- this little place.

This is small town uniqueness at its best. The sun blazes down on this building and casts some warm, hazy shadows across the sidewalk. You can almost hear the live music coming spilling out the door. If you are ever in Thomas, WV, be sure to stop by this fun place. 

Framing Ideas-

We at Artworks love this Limited Edition Giclee Print because of the interesting color combinations that we get to work with. Our favorite combo is a light gray linen mat on top and a vibrant purple liner underneath. When we stay neutral with the top mat, the viewer's eye goes straight to the image. We used a frame of charcoal gray with a slight metallic finish to tie everything together.  This is one of our best selling prints, and you can see why, with the fun loving nature of the image.

If you love our artwork, but don't know the first thing about custom framing it, we at Artworks can help you. Just call us at 304-842-7626. We can work with you over the phone, send you pictures of mat and moulding combinations, and put it all together for you. We will help you create a finished masterpiece for your collection!

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