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Rendezvous-Napa Valley, CA- Limited Edition Giclee Print

Rendezvous-Napa Valley, CA- Limited Edition Giclee Print

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Rendezvous-Napa Valley, CA- Limited Edition Giclee Print, original watercolor by Lotus MacDowell, Artworks WV.

There is something intriguing about a table and two chairs in a café setting; perfect for a "Rendezvous", the exquisite watercolor painting by Lotus MacDowell. In this image the lush green ornamental trees create a private area beside large pillars and an iron gate, with the table and chairs tucked in the middle. Lotus has a remarkable way of creating the human element in her works without necessarily having a person in it. The end result is mysterious. It's open-ended. It's thought provoking.

This painting is available as a Limited Edition Giclee Print. Now you can bring an element of style to your decor with this beautifully classic print. Make a statement with your art and be the envy of all your friends. This is an extremely small edition so don't delay!

Framing Ideas-

We just love this piece because the viewer can read all kinds of scenarios into it. This  Limited Edition Giclee Print can really support a textured top mat- a linen or perhaps a silk mat with a deep green liner mat under it. We finish it off with a rustic Italian looking dark brown frame with just a little detail on it- just enough to make it look old and with personality. At Artworks, we have a vast array of moulding choices to create the perfect combination for your piece of art.

We have been framing Lotus MacDowell's originals and prints for 35 years, so we feel we have first hand experience in choosing the right conservation- grade framing for our clients.  Just pick out your favorite print, and give us a call at 304-842-7626 and we will get you started!


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