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Ritzy Lunch-Clarksburg, WV- Original Watercolor Painting

Ritzy Lunch-Clarksburg, WV- Original Watercolor Painting

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Ritzy Lunch-Clarksburg, WV- Original Watercolor Painting by Lotus MacDowell, Artworks WV.

See this beautiful close-up rendering of a small-town local bar and restaurant and you will want to grab a hot dog and sit on those front benches, enjoying the sunshine. This watercolor painting by Lotus MacDowell will bring a sense of charm and history to your home, office, or guest house. The incredible detail in the front window shows reflections from the street as well as a glimpse of the inside, adding great depth to the storefront. The red brick facade flanks the window, and the metal awning casts a shadow over the upper part of the window. The vintage sign adds a humorous detail with this cool hot dog man dressed up in a black tuxedo!

This original watercolor painting is on D'Arches cold press paper. A matting combination consisting of a linen top mat in a khaki color and a neutral liner mat in charcoal gray compliment the warm color palette of the painting. The wood frame has a textured appearance with soft brown and black over a metallic base and is anchored by a black inner lip. This conservation framing includes Museum glass, which protects against harmful UV rays and removes distracting reflections in the glass


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