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Robinson Grand-Clarksburg, WV- Limited Edition Print

Robinson Grand-Clarksburg, WV- Limited Edition Print

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Robinson Grand-Clarksburg, WV- Limited Edition Print: Vintage signs; they're the hottest look in decor. Think contemporary with a twist of cool nostalgia. The original watercolor painting by Lotus MacDowell, Artworks WV, showcases a neon sign in pale washed out yellow with blue stripes and faded green lettering. Very Art deco in design, Lotus has cropped the sign and taken the viewpoint from underneath, looking up as it stands against a rich blue sky, giving it a contemporary format but still portraying the essence of the signage. You can almost imagine this sign all lit up for some evening extravaganza.

Lotus has titled this painting “Robinson Grand” and it is located in Clarksburg, WV. Apparently, it was one of the first theaters in the United States to have sound and had a long history of great concerts and performers.

Now this image is available as a Limited Edition Print. It's not too large, so it showcases very well in small places. Think tiny apartment that needs a focal point, that wall at the top of a staircase right beside the light switch, the powder room that has nothing on its walls except a hand towel, or the final piece to complete that wall grouping.

Framing Ideas-

We love this piece because it it can look vintage or contemporary, depending on what custom framing you choose. This Limited Edition Print Looks great with a triple mat of creamy yellow on top, a thin liner of rust and a bottom mat of green. That way you tie in all the colors, but it's still subtle enough to not distract from the art. Finish it up with a distressed wood frame or a more polished traditional moulding and you have the perfect final product.

Artworks can take care of your framing needs. Just call us at 304-8942-7626 and we will send you photos of mat/framing choices. Pick the one you like, and we'll frame it and ship it right to your door.! So easy!!

At Artworks, we try to simplify things for you.  We have over 100 Collective years' experience in the art and framing business and can assist you it finding the perfect combination to reflect YOUR taste. It's one stop shopping at its best!


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