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Sale Every Monday-Bridgeport, WV- Limited Edition Giclee Print

Sale Every Monday-Bridgeport, WV- Limited Edition Giclee Print

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Sale Every Monday-Bridgeport, WV- Limited Edition Giclee Print. Presenting the Limited Edition Giclee Print of this classic stockyard scene titled, "Sale Every Monday", from an original watercolor painting by Lotus MacDowell, Artworks WV. This is the place where farmers would haul their cattle to buy and sell, and it was right in the center of town. This scene showcases the rustic, worn finish of the red building, with the black tar roofs, surrounded by the hills of West Virginia. The huge sign on the flat roof says Sale Every Monday, and behind the stockyard, the railroad waits for the next train to come along.

This is Small Town, USA and this painting is nostalgic and rustic, perfect for a den or man cave. The colors are sure to enhance your decor, and it's even better that it has history behind it! Now you can bring home a print of this delightful country favorite.

Framing Ideas-

The options for framing on this Limited Edition Giclee Print are endless, but we like the combination of a neutral gray top mat and either a brick red or darker charcoal liner mat for this piece. By staying subtle, the viewer's eye goes straight to the image, which is what we want, right? Then finish it off with a weathered or rustic, distressed wood frame, and you have a piece of art that's a real show stopper! 

Worried about finding a suitable framer? Artworks can do all of the above inhouse, and ship you the final product. Just call us at 304-842-7626. We will ask questions to get a feel for your personal tastes, then send you photos of frame combinations, put it all together for you and voila'! One stop shopping at its best! We do all the work inhouse, and have been doing so for 35 years.

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