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Sons of Italy-Clarksburg, WV- Limited Edition Print

Sons of Italy-Clarksburg, WV- Limited Edition Print

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Sons of Italy-Clarksburg, WV- Limited Edition Print. original watercolor by Lotus MacDowell, Artworks WV.

This is the old warehouse district of Clarksburg, WV. Lotus was drawn to the architecture of the Sons of Italy building. Even though it was boarded up, it still had a dignity about it that was nice. At first, she wanted to leave out the unpleasant building to the left, but that would have made the painting square. And would you believe; almost every single person who bought this print did so because that ugly building had been a place called “Mary’s Candies", where you could buy penny candy. So, we guess it was a good thing she left it in!

This image is from an original full color Watercolor by Lotus and has been made into a Limited Edition Print. You can almost feel the blazing sun against the brick buildings, and the long shadows on the street give us a taste of the architecture on the right, just out of sight. All the details of the building facades have been executed with painstaking care, and the street placement takes the viewers eye straight to the background, across the bridge and into the other part of town. More landmarks show up there, giving a wonderful, detailed glimpse of this old part of town.

Framing Ideas-

This Limited Edition print look perfect with a neutral gray top mat and either a charcoal or purple/gray liner underneath. A beautiful espresso toned frame with some carved detail on it elevates it to a very refined, polished look. 

Artworks can frame this print to your exact tastes and specifications. We will give you advice on the best combinations, send you pictures to see what you like best, then we will frame your print and ship it out to you. If you have never had anything custom framed before, we can walk you through the process and explain each step. We love to show people the advantages of preserving their art, and our conservation quality materials will protect it for years to come. Call us at 304-842-7626.


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