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Sons of Italy-Clarksburg, WV- Original Watercolor Painting

Sons of Italy-Clarksburg, WV- Original Watercolor Painting

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Sons of Italy-Clarksburg, WV- Original Watercolor Painting by Lotus MacDowell, Artworks WV.

This is the old warehouse district of Clarksburg, WV. Lotus was drawn to the architecture of the Sons of Italy building. Even though it was boarded up, it still had a dignity about it that was nice. At first, she wanted to leave out the unpleasant building to the left, but it would have made the painting square. And would you believe; almost every single person who bought this print did so because that ugly building had been a place called “Mary’s Candies", where you could buy penny candy. So, guess it was a good thing she left it in!

Framing Ideas-

This dynamic architectural rendering in watercolor by Lotus MacDowell is on D'Arches cold press paper. Beautifully framed with an elegant combination of a gray linen top mat, decorative wood fillet and a soft gray bottom mat, which bring out the shadows spilling across the street. It is finished with a dark brown wood frame with decorative detail that mimics the upper detail on the buildings. This conservation framing includes Museum glass, which protects against harmful UV rays and prevents distracting reflections on the image.

This is the perfect painting for an Urban Architecture style loft apartment, a home office (perfect for a Zoom Background), or any room in need of an arrestingly beautiful piece of original art.


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