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Summer at Lake Floyd-Clarksburg, WV- Limited Edition Print

Summer at Lake Floyd-Clarksburg, WV- Limited Edition Print

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Summer at Lake Floyd-Clarksburg, WV- Limited Edition Print, original watercolor painting by Lotus MacDowell, Artworks WV.

Summertime, and the living is easy...just as we can imagine with this refreshing water scene located in West Virginia. The sun beats down in the summer afternoon on a white clubhouse, with its wrapped screened-in porch, casting cool green shadows on the walls. The water is reflecting the sky and has blues and greens swirling lazily, waiting for some kids to jump in and swim. Chaise lounges are lined up in readiness for sun bathers, and the dense foliage in the background provides a wall of greens in different shades. This watercolor painting, by artist Lotus MacDowell, depicts the essence of summer fun.

 Now this gorgeous painting is available in a Limited Edition Print. It's the perfect size for a focal point in any apartment or house. It's also a great way to bring the outdoors in so you can enjoy Nature all year long. If your kitchen has white cabinets, it would be a lovely accent in the eating area.

Framing Ideas-

This Limited Edition Print lends itself well to a simple mat selection- a light gray with a soft blue or teal as the liner mat. Add a whitewashed or distressed frame and you've got the perfect combination!

Artworks can frame this for you as well. We work with out of town clients all the time. Just give us a call at 304-842-7626. We will ask you questions to find out your particular tastes, will send you photos of framing combinations, take your final selection, frame it, and ship it to you. That's one big step you can eliminate for yourself. Artworks also uses only conservation grade material to protect your art from anything the environment can throw at it.

And what if you don't know even the first thing about proper framing for your print? We will walk you through the entire process, and explain everything to you in detail. Treat yourself to something that can be enjoyed all year long!




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