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The Visitor-Florence, Italy- Limited Edition Giclee Print

The Visitor-Florence, Italy- Limited Edition Giclee Print

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The Visitor-Florence, Italy- Limited Edition Giclee Print.

What is that little bird doing perched on the chair? Why, its looking to score some crumbs left on this table in this romantic setting. This image is a watercolor painting by Lotus MacDowell, Artworks WV. Aptly titled “The Visitor” the viewer is watching all of this unfold as the bird seems oblivious. You can imagine a lunch for two just finished; a couple of glasses of wine and light fare, tucked away in a secret corner somewhere. Lotus tells us that this scene is on the roof of Uffizi Museum in Florence, and if you walk up to the wall in the background you can see all the rooftops of the city.

Now this sweet painting is available in a Limited Edition Giclee Print.  It's not huge- the perfect size for those hard-to-fill areas (by the door, in a powder room, at the top or bottom of the stairs, above a hall table- you get the idea). But it's still large enough to be noticed and to generate conversations with your friends. And who doesn't love knowing some details about the print from the artist?

Framing Ideas-

A neutral tan or gray linen top mat with a charcoal or robin's egg blue liner mat really compliments this lovely Limited Edition Giclee Print. A charcoal tone wood moulding with a sheen on it, or a soft black decorative moulding will complete this elegant presentation. look at the image of the original painting tov see an example.

Artworks can also frame your print for you. We've been framing Lotus' originals and prints for 35 years so we can help you choose the perfect combination to reflect YOU. Just call us at 304-842-7626. We'll put some combinations together, send you pictures, then frame your choice and ship it to you.  We take the worry out of the equation for you. We also use only conservation grade materials to protect your art from anything the environment can throw at it. Do yourself a favor and give us a call!




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