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Truffles-Pastry II- Original Watercolor Painting, with Gold Embellishment

Truffles-Pastry II- Original Watercolor Painting, with Gold Embellishment

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Truffles-Pastry II- Original Watercolor  Painting, with Gold Embellishment.

Wow - just look at those chocolate truffles! This tantalizing display of edible art is the subject for Artworks WV's principle artist, Lotus MacDowell’s watercolor painting called "Truffles-Pastry 2". Displayed on an antique plate that is placed on a lace cloth, each truffle is painstakingly created to look rich, delicious, and unique. Gold metallic watercolor paint graces the decorative edge of the plate and the foil wrapping on one of the chocolates. Lotus combines traditional elements with her contemporary subjects, and then puts her own spin on it. Nice little mix.

This original painting of watercolor, graphite and gold metallic overlay by Lotus MacDowell is on D'Arches hot press paper. It's beautifully matted with a hand wrapped silk top mat, gold metallic middle mat and just a hint of rich chocolate color on the bottom mat. The dark wood frame has speckles of soft grays and browns that add a whimsical touch, with a subdued gold inner lip to accent the metallic in the painting. This conservation framing includes Museum glass for protection against harmful UV rays and to minimize reflections on the artwork.


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