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Unfinished Conversation-Oral Lake, Bridgeport, WV- Limited Edition Giclée Print

Unfinished Conversation-Oral Lake, Bridgeport, WV- Limited Edition Giclée Print

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Unfinished Conversation-Oral Lake, Bridgeport, WV- Limited Edition Giclée Print.

What was once old is now new, right? You bet—and this lovely watercolor painting by Lotus MacDowell, Artworks WV, captures the beauty of the old, but in a decidedly contemporary approach. The simplicity of the subject is appealing with the faded green on the chairs, to the beautiful intricate shadows that come from the cutouts. Deep, dark shadows push the eye to the water in the background. The sunlight bathes the entire area. Notice the leg of the chair on the right; it is old, and it does not sit evenly so the shadow shows it off-kilter. Just another quirky detail that Lotus likes to leave in.

This beautiful painting is now a Limited Edition Giclee Print. It's small, so it works well in tight, hard-to-fit areas, like a powder room, small spaces between doors, a small apartment, or an entrance area. We like to see it displayed by the light switch at the top or bottom of the staircase. After all, you look at the switch every time you use it. Now you will enjoy this image the same number of times. Genius! If you have a rustic or beach vibe to your home, this is a powerful image to put into a wall grouping.

Framing Ideas-

This sweet little Limited Edition Giclee Print looks stunning with a textured tan/khaki linen or raw silk top mat and a dark green liner mat. We've also seen it in a dark green mat on top and that's good looking as well, especially if your place has light walls. A rustic or distressed frame in browns will complete this presentation in a big way. 

Artworks does more than sell Lotus MacDowell's prints- we frame them as well. We do everything in-house. Your art never leaves our shop. With 35 years' experience, we know the current trends in framing and use only conservation quality materials to protect and enhance for art. Just call us at 304-842-7626. We will talk with you about your preferences, send you photos of mat and framing combinations, then take your choice and frame your print. When it's all done, we ship it right to you. Isn't that a lot easier than having to take care of that yourself? We think so.



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