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What I Saw-Florence, Italy- Limited Edition Print

What I Saw-Florence, Italy- Limited Edition Print

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What I Saw-Florence, Italy- Limited Edition Print.

Attention all lovers of architecture and romance! Now you can combine the two into one! This panoramic view of Florence, Italy is from an incredibly detailed watercolor painting by Lotus MacDowell, Artworks WV. She is well known for her meticulous depictions of scenery and objects, recording, as she refers to it, “The beauty of the ordinary” and this is no exception.

In this image, painted from the viewpoint at the top of a tower in the central square, we see all the buildings, packed and overlapping each other. In the foreground, the sunlight beats down upon the baked tile roofs and the cut stone facades, creating a stark contrast to the cool shadows. The orange-red tiles bring a cohesive look to the composition and the rich shadows give this scene a three-dimensional appearance.

This stunning painting of Florence is now a Limited Edition Print. The shape is panoramic and this make it the perfect choice to hang above a piece of furniture, such as a hallway table, dining room buffet, or your favorite chair and side table. Hang it in a place where you and your friends can see it close up, because the detail is superb. Every time you look at this image, you will see something new.

Framing Ideas-

This Limited Edition Print is in a league all its own, so the framing needs to reflect that style. Let's go for a tan/khaki linen top mat, a mottled gold metallic thin liner mat, and a teal bottom mat. A triple mat on this print looks so refined- then finish the look with a antique gold or carved espresso color wood frame. Beautiful! If your home is completely contemporary, you can use a distressed frame in the browns like the stonework or the brick color of the baked tile roof. There  are probably 50 different ways to frame this print, and all will look wonderful.

Artworks can frame your print for you. Now you don't have to stress out about finding a reputable custom framer. Just call us at 304-842-7626. We will get a feel for your personal tastes, send you pictures of mat and frame combinations, take the one you choose and frame your print to perfection. Then we will ship it to you. It doesn't get any easier than that. We've been framing great art for 35 years, and would love to do the same for you!



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