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Window Shopping: Hillsborough, N. Ireland- Original Watercolor Painting

Window Shopping: Hillsborough, N. Ireland- Original Watercolor Painting

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Window Shopping: Hillsborough, N. Ireland- Original Watercolor Painting by Lotus MacDowell, ARtworks, WV.

There's something magical about small villages, especially throughout Europe. Lotus MacDowell has captured a moment in time with a scene from a small village in Northern Ireland. The atmosphere is typical Ireland- a clear gray day as a woman walks through the town, pushing a baby carriage and sizing up the flowers in front of the grocery store. In the reflection of the window, the viewer can see what is across the street as well as what's right inside. The red decorative facade of the second building adds a festive air to the scene and the concrete columns just past that indicate a side road, giving the scene more depth. By painting the street at an angle, Lotus has been able to add more interest to the subject and it draws the viewer into the painting as if he/she is just out of sight.

This painting of a street scene in Ireland would be a beautiful addition to any home or home office. The intricate detail reveals something new every time you look at it. Place it above a hall table, over a fireplace mantel, in the family room or in the hallway that you use most frequently. You want to hang it in a place where you will enjoy it all the time. and you will be the only one who has this image- no prints have been made from this painting!

This lovely little moment frozen in time is an original watercolor by Lotus MacDowell and is painted on D'Arches cold press paper. Elegantly framed, it has a gray linen top mat, a decorative wood fillet which enhances the frame, and a darker subtle gray bottom mat. The frame is a deep walnut color wood with intricate European looking design that is both subtle and attractive. This conservation framing includes Museum glass, which protects against harmful UV rays and eliminates annoying reflections to provide the perfect viewing experience.


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